+ New
- Remove
# Update
+ Custom plug-processing method code, you can directly modify the image by setImage method imageClean parameters
+ Image Cleanup added edge detection tools EdgeDetect
+ Image cleanup internal method to add change ContrastAndBrightness
+ Add oblique() skew correction cleanup function
+ Whitelist cache, performance optimization
+ Language customization, customization and training of language combinations, such as: e.setLanguage(new Language ( "newmoney + eng"));
# Bug fixes rotation
# Image cleanup class, imageType default ImageType.NONE, without any cleanup
# amendWords file defines the order of processing, HashMap instead LinkedHashMap
# Custom plug-in processing method code, you can disable this image deformation ratio by cancleRatio method imageClean parameters for dynamic deformation in a custom plug-in
# Custom plug-in method for separating fixed # mark
+ Post new architecture, not backward compatible
+ API interface adjustments and new functions, API level character whitelist, Rule-based recognition and correction training, New cleanup algorithm (text, notes, etc.), Without environment variable configuration, Increase the standard input and output, supports Socket, New. ETD template processing functions ......
+ EasyOCR Suite cross-platform GUI design tool
+ Memory operations, performance
+ Bug Fixed: Multiple instances of image cleanup, the problems caused by global static cache conflict.
# fixed under Linux non-root user directory access errors, System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir") + UUID.randomUUID().toString() ==> System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir") + File.separator + UUID.randomUUID().toString()。 issue/EasyOCR#1
+ Architecture adjustment, provide plug-in support
You can write plug-ins for external image cleanup EasyOCR, write your own image cleanup handling code, or a combination of different processing requirements. See also: EasyOCR image clean plugin write
# ImageClean class image cleanup related methods to enhance the protected access control
# Feature Updates
+ New CAPTCHA Support
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