EasyOPOA Framework API

EasyOPOA Easy uphold the core idea of ​​the framework, in order to ensure the developer-friendly, API is very simple, only a limited number of storm drain functional API.

EasyOPOA Framework API is divided into two categories:

1. OPOA instance (OPOA Instance) defined attributes(Total 12)

Create OPOA instance property API.

EasyOPOA action instances as a framework to Hash core, OPOA example is composed of three elements Hash action instances (hash, url, OPOAInstance) one.

2. EasyOPOA Framework API(Total 14)

System-level global API.

1、OPOA instance (OPOA Instance) defined attributes

In OPOA procedure, each action corresponds to a triggering need OPOA instance, a plurality of operation may correspond to the same instance OPOA. During loading, you must create OPOA instances in advance.

OPOA Examples (OPOA Instance) is one example of a part of the Hash operation. Defined when the action is executed, the request url loaded, rendering and detail the parameters of the page.

A OPOA instance object contains 12 pages with Ajax requests and rendering related properties: actions, show, hash, url, find, notfound, method, pushHash, prevent, actionMaps, urlErrors, loading. Part of the property has a default value, according to the definition of need or modify the properties. If you need to modify the OPOA global default definition, refer to EasyOPOA.Configs parameter.

2. EasyOPOA Framework API

EasyOPOA framework open 14 system-level global API.